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Premium class precision RKB bearings for industrial applications.

MHE has partnered with RKB Bearings to bring you directly and at the best cost, world-class industrial bearings with Swiss precision and over 84 years of bearing manufacturing experience, to the USA.

Access a full stock of ball, roller and thrust bearings or engineer custom special, high precision bearings directly from the RKB Bearings Group.

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RKB Bearings Applications

Since 1936, RKB has been producing industrial bearings with advanced precision, quality and durability technology to offer a huge stock of premium-class bearings for your industrial applications.

We also offer custom manufacturing of bearings with the extreme operational flexibility, leading-edge service and consistent quality required for reliable industrial operations.

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Oil and Gas

RKB Bearings design and develop for the extreme environment of drilling, RKB bearings are error-free performance, high resistance, and durable Industrial bearings.

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Metal Industry

Industrial bearings designed to operate under extreme temperatures, high and low speeds, and high contamination environments.

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Power Transmission

RKB Reliable performance and low maintenance bearings help you reduce cost of operation transmitting power in your machines.

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Renewable Energy

The RKB Tough roller bearings are specially designed to have a long life in Wind Turbine components to meet the application Standards.

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Marine and Offshore

Marine applications need highest level of reliability and durability, Hi level of engineering needs to develop marine used roller bearings.

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Mine & Minerals

RKB Bearings are reliable bearings in the harsh conditions of mining operations, which require low maintenance, high-reliability industrial bearings with longer operational reliability.

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Electric Motors, Fans & Pumps

Huge stock of high-performance bearings for all electrical operation machines.

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Chemical Plastic & Rubber

RKB bearings offer absolute corrosion-free and minimal lubrication industrial bearings suitable for environments with precise operational temperature control.

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Off Highway

High-quality industrial bearings for extreme environments in the mining, construction, agriculture, drilling and forestry industries.

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Pulp & Paper

The world-class precision of RKB bearings offer the superior tolerance and accuracy required for consistent quality in paper mills.

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RKB Bearings Product Line

Order direct the best Swiss quality of industrial bearings from our large in-stock catalog or custom-made bearings.

Meet the RKB Bearing Industries Group

RKB Bearings is the Swiss leader in bearings manufacturing since 1936

In operation since 1936, the RKB Bearing Industries Group manufactures high-precision, world-class quality industrial bearings at a rate of over 350 tons of machined steel per month.

Thanks to its comprehensive production model – from raw material to sales & support – its high rate of investment in R&D, and fully equipped metallographic, metrological and advanced testing laboratories, RKB delivers the quality consistency you would expect in industrial bearings.

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MHE offers direct sales, assistance, and support to our RKB Bearings customers in the US. Feel free to navigate to our resources or request to be contacted to discuss your industrial bearing needs.

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