About RKB Bearing

The quality, precision and flexibility of high-performance industrial bearings by RKB.

About RKB Bearing

RKB possesses the know-how and expertise necessary for the design, development, and production of industrial bearings up to 1925 mm in outer diameter.


RKB is a 100% genuine bearing manufactured with all operations performed in-house to ensure the highest levels of quality, accuracy, […]

Quality Control

With the goal of providing our customers with the highest possible quality in industrial bearings, RKB bearing uses only top-class […]


RKB heavily invests and expands constantly in research and development and latest technology to design, build and support high-precision industrial […]

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MHE offers direct sales, assistance, and support to our RKB Bearings customers in the US. Feel free to navigate to our resources or request to be contacted to discuss your industrial bearing needs.

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