About RKB Bearing

The quality, precision and flexibility of high-performance industrial bearings by RKB.


RKB is a 100% genuine bearing manufactured with all operations performed in-house to ensure the highest levels of quality, accuracy, and vertical integration required for industrial bearings.

Made in RKB means a comprehensive production process to bear the Swiss-made seal of quality in industrial bearings:

Materials, treatment, designs, precision, contact and profiles, test rigs

Technical Planning
Application analysis, product concept, development, bearing selection, calculations & simulations, engineering and design, optimization, fine-tuning, co-engineering, mounting, and after-sales service.

Capital, guidelines, instructions, and specifications.

Raw materials provisioning

Protocols & Procedures
Internal, external, digital traceability.

Masterplan, equipment & machines

Plants coordination, methods-time, consumer parts

Masterpieces, forming & forging, turning, heat treatment, grinding, precision fine-grinding, assembling

Quality Controls
Telesina special quality unit, steel inspection, operations & controls, chemical labs, metrological labs, tests, and measurements.

Over haulings
Matching/pairing, clearance reworking, and adjustment, regreasing, reassembly.

Service & Support

MHE offers direct sales, assistance, and support to our RKB Bearings customers in the US. Feel free to navigate to our resources or request to be contacted to discuss your industrial bearing needs.

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