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Tapered Roller Bearings

The tapered roller bearings manufactured by RKB are engineered to withstand combined radial and thrust loads. Available in a rich portfolio of designs and sizes, in standardized and non-standardized dimensional series, RKB industrial tapered roller bearings can be in metric or inch measurements and represent the state of the art. Manufactured from high hardness materials, featuring unparalleled fatigue strength and resistance to wear, RKB TRBs provide excellent performance even under severe operating conditions. RKB’s single row, matched pair, double and four-row tapered roller bearings are optimized to ensure increased load carrying capacities and high stiffness in special applications. RKB Bainite Hardening Treatment (HB) and High Temperature Dimensional Stabilization (S) can be applied on bearing rings and rollers.

Single Row Tapered Roller Bearings

RKB single row and matched pair tapered roller bearings (SRTRBs) are widely used in all industrial segments, in standard and critical applications.

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Double Row Tapered Roller Bearings

RKB double row tapered roller bearings are produced in several configurations (TDO, TDONASW, TDI, TDIS) to support combined forces and locate the shaft in both directions.

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Four Row Tapered Roller Bearings

RKB four-row tapered roller bearings are produced mainly in TQO and TQI configuration, in open and sealed version.

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