RKB Bearing Products

Front and rear dumper axle Bearing

The construction and mining industry is the classic harsh environment for operations.  In the process of moving dirt from point A to B, it is costly to operate special trucks even when they are reliable and durable.

That’s is why Perlini Equipment, a leader in off-highway truck manufacture, reached out to RKB to develop an advanced front and back axle industrial bearing to improve the performance and longevity of their trucks.

The Perlini special mining trucks are designed to move large amounts of soil from the excavating surface to the crusher in the pit.  These heavy loads put an excessive amount of pressure on the front and rear axles of the truck.

RKB developed a single-row tapered roller bearing to handle this requirement.  The bearings are up to 300mm in inner and 422mm outer diameter with an E type design and execution to deliver high accuracy and shock resistance for approximately 100,000 miles of duty cycles.