RKB Bearing Products

Industrial bearings for rack and pinion jacking system in offshore platform

GustoMSC started in the 1860s as an engineering workshop, then a shipyard and now a renowned design and engineering firm, making it the oldest company in the maritime industry.

In 2013 Gusto engineering and MSC allied – GustoMSC – for joint mark activity.

Now the design and manufacture equipment for the offshore oil and gas industry, offshore renewable energy, and offshore civil construction. They reached out to RKB for the development of custom industrial bearings with superior technology and working directly with the end client to find the best solution to deliver an offshore platform rack and pinion jacking system.

Expecting high-quality, maintenance-free industrial bearings for application in harsh and critical condition, the project required from RKB the design of spherical roller bearings for rack and pinion jacking systems in N6 and CJ drilling rigs. The spherical roller bearings have up to 240 mm inner ring diameter and the execution to withstand heavy loads and variable speeds (0.9-1.2 m/min).

The safety factor in the marine specification for these spherical bearings is S0. And the designed lifetime of these bearings is approximately ten years.