Oil Field Bearings

Backed by deep experience in the Oil and Gas industry RKB design and develop a complete reliable cost-effective solution for drilling contractors and Equipment Manufacturer.   

Oil Field Bearings

RKB Right Solution for Every Drilling Application

Mud Pump:

  • Pinion shaft: Cylindrical or Spherical roller bearings
  • Crank Shaft: Cylindrical, Spherical or Tapered roller bearings
  • Connecting Rod: Cylindrical roller bearings
  •  Crosshead: Needle roller bearings


  • Spherical roller bearings, Cylindrical, and Tapered roller bearings and Ball bearings in the Drum, Gear Box, and Drive motors

Top Drive:

  • Intermediate Shaft: Cylindrical or Tapered roller bearings
  • Input and output shaft: Tapered roller bearings
  • Main Axial Bearing: Tapered  and Tapered Thrust roller bearings


  • Crown Block and Traveling Block: Double Row Tapered roller bearings


  • Main Bearing: Tapered roller bearings
  • Counter Bearing and Upper Bearing: Tapered roller bearings
  • Lower Bearing: Cylindrical roller bearings

Rotary Table

  • Main Bearing: Angular Contact ball bearing
  • Drive Shaft: Spherical and Tapered roller bearings

Jacking Up:

  • Rack and Pinion Jacking: Spherical and Cylindrical roller bearing

Rotating Control Device:

  • Spherical Thrust bearing and Ball bearing.

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