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Backed by deep experience in the Oil and Gas industry RKB design and develop a complete reliable cost-effective solution for drilling contractors and Equipment Manufacturer.   

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RKB Right Solution for Every Drilling Application

Oil and Gas drilling application demands a high level of reliability and durability. RKB, as a Swiss organization manufacturer of technological roller bearings, is developing special anti-friction bearings for the upstream oil and gas industry. Thanks to its comprehensive quality control standards, RKB bearings is one of the world’s top suppliers of industrial bearings, with clients in over 55 countries in all levels of industrial applications. RKB Europe SA is certified ISO/TS 16949, ISO 9001, ISO 14001, OHSAS 18001, ISO 27001, and ISO 10002 by URS (UK).

RKB industrial bearing plants are certified ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 by Lloyd’s.


Mud Pump:

The mud pump supplies the drilling rig with a constant flow of high-pressure drilling.
Fluid. These triplex or duplex pumps operate up to 15,000 psi. Mud pump application applies a massive load on the mud pump bearings. Drillers need to use highly reliable special bearings with the right geometry and design plus an exceptional level of profiling on the production line. RKB special bearings solution for Triplex and Duplex pumps are:

  • Pinion shaft: Cylindrical or Spherical roller bearings
  • Crank Shaft: Cylindrical, Spherical or Tapered roller bearings
  • Connecting Rod: Cylindrical roller bearings
  • Crosshead: Needle roller bearings


The primary function of the drawworks is to raise or lower the drill mechanism and provide proper weight on a bit. Depends on the type of the Drawworks RKB offers a unique bearing solution as below:

  • Spherical roller bearings, Cylindrical, and Tapered roller bearings and Ball bearings in the Drum, Gear Box, and Drive motors

Top Drive:

Top Drive used to rotate the drill string during the drilling process. It is an alternative to the rotary table and Kelly Drive. A top drive includes one or more electric or hydraulic motors and gearbox to drive the pipe and rotate the string. Several different kinds of top-drives exist and are usually classified based on the SWL of the equipment and the size and type of motor used to rotate the drill pipe. RKB has a reliable bearing solution as below:

  • Intermediate Shaft: Cylindrical or Tapered roller bearings
  • Input and output shaft: Tapered roller bearings
  • Main Axial Bearing: Tapered  and Tapered Thrust roller bearings



Sheaves are used in the crown, traveling blocks, and Crane as well as in heave compensation systems and Cable Carousel. Reliability under high static and dynamic loads are required to ensure maximum uptime under the extreme range of drilling conditions. RKB solution for sheaves are:

  • Crown Block and Traveling Block: Double Row Tapered roller bearings



Swivel supports the weight of the drill pipe and mud motor. It provides the ability for the kelly to rotate while allowing the traveling block to remain in a stationary rotational position. RKB solutions are:

  • Main Bearing: Tapered roller bearings
  • Counter Bearing and Upper Bearing: Tapered roller bearings
  • Lower Bearing: Cylindrical roller bearings

Rotary Table:

The rotary table is the solution for providing the rotational force to turn the drill string. When drilling is interrupted, the rotary table can also function as a supporting device and carry the entire weight of the drill string. RKB solution for the rotary table is:

  • Main Bearing: Angular Contact ball bearing
  • Drive Shaft: Spherical and Tapered roller bearings

Rotating Control Device:

The essential component of any closed-loop drilling (CLD) system is the rotating control device (RCD). RCDs create a closed-loop environment to contain and divert fluids to enable wellbore pressure management. The stripper rubber or sealing element rotates with the drill string, while a robust steel housing and bearing assembly provide control of the flow by diverting the drill cuttings, fluids away from the rig. RKB bearing solutions for RCD are:

  • Spherical Thrust Bearings
  • Ball Bearings.


RKB bearings group is capable of design and develop new special bearings for specific applications, If you have any questions about RKB Solutions, please feel free to contact us 




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