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Pin Type Cage-RKB Roller Bearing test

The roller bearings story and human society are tight together in the entire history. In the early stage of civilization around 2400 BC, the Egyptians used lubricant to slid the objects on the ground. They understood it is going to be more comfortable if they use oil to move heavy items.  Around 1400 BC, the Assyrians understood it is far easier to place the object on the logs and roll it. Now it is time to find the premier bearings like a simple wheel on the carriage.

Today, Imagine the world without roller bearings is impossible. Nowadays, there are different types of roller bearings design and develop for different kinds of applications. When you look at all roller bearings, most of them have one or more cages, but what is the function of the Cage:

  • Roller Bearing Cages Prevents direct contact among rolling elements
  • Keeps the rolling elements equally spaced
  • Allows the lubricant distribution inside the bearing and creates buffers for it

Today bearings industry needs a more efficient solution to be more competitive and more cost-effective. One of the solutions that leads the bearings to carry more loads and have better performance is using the Pin type cage and pierced rolling element. This cage design features a pin that fits closely with a bored hole in the roller. The rollers can thus be retained with a minimum space so that an increased complement of rollers can be incorporated. This results in more significant load carrying capabilities in the bearing. Although it looks likes simple but not all bearings manufacturer has the technology to design and manufacturer such elaborate cage and rolling elements. Let’s look at the result on the leading roller bearings manufacture in Switzerland, The RKB. In this case study, we compare a TDI 243 Series tapered configuration with Pin type cage design and Press steel cage design.


Bearing Type 2 x RKB TDI 243 xxxx

2 x RKB TDI 243 xxxx

Cage Design Press steel Pin type
Roller Solid Roller Pierced Roller
Number of rollers 38 39

The test result clearly shows that the bearing can carry 9.8% more load and 36.5% longer life. This means fewer maintenance costs and less downtime for heavy industries need max reliability and min downtime.  Pin type cage usually helps applications, especially with grave load condition and low operating speed reduces their cost and improve their uptime.

I should thank RKB bearing industry Lab to demonstrate the test base on ISO 281:2007 and ISO   76:2006.


Written by Ali Ghamsari