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Single Direction Cylindrical Thrust Bearings


Single direction cylindrical roller thrust bearings are composed of a housing washers GS, shaft washers WS and cage-cylindrical rollers assembly.

Bearings are separable so, washers and cage-cylindrical rollers assembly can be mounted separately. These bearings are characterized by a very low axial section, high load capacity and high stiffness. They can support only axial loads in one direction and are not available to support radial force and tilting moments. Axial cylindrical roller bearings of series 811 and 812 are single raw bearings while the bearings of series 893 and 894 are double row bearings and their presence is required for heavy loads. Shaft washers WS are centered on the shaft while housing washers are centered in the housing. Both washers have a bore diameter, outer diameter and rolling surface precision machined.

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