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We offer a direct access to one of the world’s leaders in industrial bearing manufacturing with a complete service that includes planning, purchasing, delivery and support for all of your industrial applications.

Bearing Design

By combining a wide know-how with the latest technology, RKB Technical Team Unit is steadily committed to optimizing products and developing new projects.

ISO Standard bearings T2 Segment

RKB constantly improve and update different aspects of our standard bearings, such as materials, internal micro-geometry, general tribology, design of the parts and all other technical issues that may lead to increased bearing service life, thus reducing costs and allowing higher performances.

Technological bearings T3 Segment and AOB

RKB develop tailor-made solutions according to customers’ evolving requirements. From pre-sales service to mass production you can get full support from RKB.


RKB collaborate with Universities and independent centers for the working out of efficient technical innovations.

In order to optimize industrial bearing performance, RKB makes extensive use of proprietary and commercial software systems, which strictly comply with the relevant international standards. Along with classic 2D drafting and 3D modeling tools for mechanical engineering, RKB can also count on a set of specifically developed evolutionary algorithms for mono-and multi-objective optimal design of bearing macro-geometry in order to maximize bearing life. Finally, finite element (FEM) and semi-analytical (SAM) methods are selectively used to refine design solutions through advanced simulations.

Service & Support

MHE offers direct sales, assistance, and support to our RKB Bearings customers in the US. Feel free to navigate to our resources or request to be contacted to discuss your industrial bearing needs.

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