RKB Bearing Products

Tire rolls for Vertical Mill

Crushing is one of the essential parts of any Construction and Mining operation.

Maximizing the recovery of valuable minerals at the proper concentration grade at the lowest cost is very important.

For this reason, mining and construction companies always try to find the most efficient way to get the expected result.

RKB industrial bearing has developed multiple vertical mill crusher bearings with the technology and precision to withstand the harsh operating conditions, highly abrasive materials, and constant vibration from different types of materials.

With bearings playing a critical roll in the crushing operation, RKB tire roll for vertical mills is a roller bearing (DF configuration) for a liftable grinding roll in vertical mills with a 440mm inner and 750mm outer diameter.  Each bearing has a safety factor of S0 > 5 and a design life (L10mh) of approximately 20,000 hours.