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Triplex Pumps

Triplex Pumps (Mud Pump)

The mud pump supplies the drilling rig with a constant flow of high-pressure drilling fluid. These pumps have a critical roll in the oil and gas drilling process. Modern Pump History back to about 60 years ago. The triplex is by far the most common reciprocating pump design available in the marketplace today. There are other reciprocating displacement pumps, such as the duplex and quintuplex pumps. These pumps are intended for use in a variety of applications that require continuous and uninterrupted pumping for hours, days, or months. The term Triplex Pump refers to the number of cylinders operated either by plungers or pistons. There are multiple applications for large triplex pumps in oilfield operations. For example, large triplex pumps are often used for drilling, hydraulic fracturing, cementing, and descaling operations. These positive displacement pumps operate up to 21,500 psi resulting in high radial load at the bearing position. Bearing durability and reliability on mud pumps are critically important. The bearing set on the pumps included:

  • Main Bearing: Cylindrical or Spherical Roller bearings
  • Connecting Rod: Cylindrical roller bearing
  • Crosshead: Needle Roller bearing
  • Pinion: Cylindrical or Spherical roller bearing

Mud pump bearings need to select according to the highest level of quality in terms of material, Geometry, and profile to guarantee the reliability of the equipment in the harsh drilling application. As you can see choosing the low-quality bearing on the pump will result in fast failure on the mud pump and impose a repair cost to the contractors.

Designing and manufacturing Oil field bearings need in-depth knowledge and experience both in the oil and gas applications and bearing industry. There are not many bearing manufacturers who have these technologies to develop a mud pump bearing in the world.